Central Agency

Manaing your best assets is always best placed in hands of those wanting to care for it

For the owners of yachts, we can now also offer services of managing the yachts, either through Charter Management Programme where the boat is entered into an existing fleet or through Central Agency services, where we take care of marketing and booking of the boat or on request also of all other aspects of boat management including sourcing out the crew, arranging for insurance and regular servicing and other aspects of yacht ownership.

We understand that your boat is your best friend and that you are keen to protect it, maintain it to highest standards and keep her in best condition possible. We are therefore not only offering you our service, but our insight into the world of yachting from our own perspective, and will be suggesting or recommending best person or best company for your project. We are aware that we will not be and cannot be best in everything; what we can commit to do is to be your best friend, best advisor, best assistant. That way, you can get our best advice and if that is one where we will say we can do it and we can manage your yacht, so be it. If not, as it will be the case in majority of situation, we will carefully guide you towards the best or most logical solution. Put your trust in us; you will not regret it.

Contact us at A2AYACHTING™ by emailing us at sales @a2ayachting.net with your plans, budgets, ideas and preferences so that we can provide best advice, even if it is to simply put you off or indeed to make your dreams come through! Alternatively, give us a call on +44 (0) 779 205 2007