Gullet Yacht Charter

About Gullet Yacht Charter Sailing Holidays:

Gulets are one of the most popular boats for crewed, luxury or private yacht charters. Providing enormous deck space, large cabins, plenty of headroom and numerous water toys, gulets and motor sailors are usually good value, in particular when compared to similarly sized superyachts. In terms of prices, they charge from as low as 5,000 Eur / week and up to around 75,000 Eur/week while when it comes to size, smallest gullets are those of around 60ft and can go as big as 170ft on occasion. Depending on facilities, size and level of maintainance, gulet or motor sailors can be de-luxe, luxury or economy. The de-luxe and luxury qualify as yachts for luxury yacht charter, whereas economy gullets only for crewed yacht charters. Only a small number of gullets qualify as genuine sailing boats however as most fall into category of motor sailors as without engine, they may not be able to cruise at any considerable speeds. To understand differences, please enquire with us directly.

We also offer purchase of new gulets from 880,000 Eur for a 23.9m newly commissioned gulet and optional management of the shipyard building process from around 2,000 Eur/month. You can read more about these under NEW BOATS pages. They can be built and delivered within 8-12 months and up to 15 months for bespoke designs. We welcome your input and also use of external interior designers.

Please contact us for all gullet yacht charter quotes or if you wish to consider buying a new gulet.