Yacht Charter in Brasil

Brazil has all you could want from a sailing holiday, there are endless beaches, rainforest and mountain ranges, along with a friendly and colourful culture. South America has an interesting history with many different indigenous people such as The Aztecs, Incas and Mayans, before it was colonised by European settlers. Aside from water-based activities such as sailing, diving and fishing there is a great nightlife with exclusive bars and regular festivals.

Angra Dos Reis

Angra dos Reis (The Bay of Kings) is a popular location to begin a sailing tour of Brazil. It is almost 100 miles West of Rio de Janeiro so is easily accessible from Rio airport. Angra dos Reis is in a vast bay featuring 365 lush islands and over 2,000 golden beaches. There are private islands owned by famous and wealthy people to indulge their pleasures, along with untouched natural islands. Here is a suggested itinerary for a tour of the islands:

Day 1 - Ilha Grande (12 NM):

This is the largest island in the archipelago and has 109 unspoilt beaches to choose from. There are many secluded coves to explore on the North side of the island as you make your way towards Vila do Abraao Bay. The bay is very sheltered and protected for an overnight stay, along with a huge choice of beaches there are also many bars, restaurants and shops to cater for all your needs.

Day 2 - López Méndez Beach (11 NM):

On the South side of the island the spectacular López Méndez Beach is over 2km long and completely untouched. Drink in the views and maybe something else, take time to relax, enjoying the clear ocean and colourful sky as the sun goes down.

Day 3 - Avantureiro Beach (22 NM):

Another unspoilt beach to enjoy, and you can visit the small town of Provetá nearby which has a lovely atmosphere. If you want to dine in a local restaurant or even have some Samba lessons, you will definitely have a great time.

Day 4 - Paraty (21 NM):

This is a colonial city with rich history and boasting an exceptional natural landscape. There are many smaller islands to explore nearby and many celebrities have holiday homes on this enchanting island. There is a rich culture with many art galleries, famous restaurants and live music venues hosting jazz performances. There are also lots of bars and nightclubs with more lively music; you can dance the night away to the Samba beat...

Day 5 - Araçatiba (22 NM):

Another beautiful bay to explore back on Ilha Grande is Araçatiba Bay. The beach is quite small but it is a very popular tourist spot with great facilities and scenery.

Day 6 - Marina Verolme (10 NM):

As you make your way back to Angra dos Reis you may want to anchor near one of the other 365 islands, as you enjoy the seclusion and tranquillity you may start fantasising about having your own private island one day....


Paraty is another option for an embarkation point; it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List as it is an historic city founded in 1667. It was an important trading port with large quantities of sugar, gold and precious stones being shipped back to Portugal. Today the charming old city is vibrant with many artisans, restaurants and music venues. This coastal region is very well-preserved with interesting and varied wildlife; there are jaguars and primates on land along with diverse marine life in the oceans.