NEW VAAN R5 in the first stage of building process in its Dutch Shipyard:

One of the latest 50ft sailing catamarans being built is VAAN R5. With her 49ft / 14.95m, the VAAN R5 is seen as the perfect size for a privately owned boat to be used for casual weekends with friends or even extended worldwide cruising or a family live-aboard. The R5 is made of truly sustainable and circular materials such as recycled aluminium, FSC certified cork decking, leather-replacements from pineapple leaves and biological fabrics. And of course it is all-electric too. Available from 895,000 Eur plus VAT/DELIVERY/EXTRAS.


  • CHARTER RATES FROM - € 10,000
  • Year of built - 2022
  • Base - Holland
  • Cabins - 4
  • Berths - 8+2
  • Charter Period - Weeks
  • Persons - 10

There are two versions of VAAN R5 and both can be built within 12 months:

The R5 comes in two versions: the open cockpit and the closed cockpit live-aboard version, the R5-LA. The main difference is the sliding door that is placed further aft in the LA version. While this may seem minor, it creates a vast interior saloon space that allows for truly unique layout options which can be tailored to your needs. She is offered from 895,000 Eur yet we recommend upgrades such as a generator and solar panels or a watermaker. With those a very well equipped VAAN R5 is likely to cost around 1,2 million Euros and can be delivered within 12 months. A fully equipped model with full blown gear such as upgraded self-charging electric engines, code-0 sail and many other features will cost at least 1,45 million Euros. Your new boat can be reserved for only 5,000 Eur refundable payment. Please contact us at for full info.

We are not sure if any of these models will be available for charter as yet, but we assume that as of 2023 first models will definitely be. To BUY this new VAAN R5 from the Dutch shipyard however, please do get in touch by email, filling out the enquiry form, on WhatsApp, on our social media or by calling one of our numbers.