Sailing Specials

A2AYACHTING - Yacht Charter Worldwide - is happy to entice all members of any community to get involved in yachting experiences, in particular those interested in Mediterranean yacht charter or Sailing Vacation in the Caribbean. Using yachts and boats for recreation, relaxation and indeed vacation is one of the most satisfying experiences there are.

If everything is taken care of and safety of all on board is seriously considered, yachting is an extremely satisfying and safe experience. And while there may be a difference between a boat as a recreational tool and a smaller vessel and a yacht as a luxury vessel used to cruise the oceans and seas in elegant way in pursuit of leisurely indulgence, the differences between the two can become blurred and non-existent.

In order to benefit from best of yachting, we suggest that a group of friends or a family do get together and charter a yacht for a day initially. Spending an afternoon at a picturesque bay, diving off the deck and into the blue waters beneath, snorkelling and swimming for at least 15 minutes or up to an hour, than retiring to the cockpit for a lovely cocktail or any other preferred type of drink, while awaiting a fresh meal to be served is simply a mesmerising experience.

Everyone should do it and everyone is invited to consider this seriously. Contact us at A2A YACHTING for such a quote even if you are single, an individual, or simply in need of a new experience or new friends. We will hook you up with others if possible and get you to experience yachting first hand.

For those who are already experienced or are keen to charter a yacht longer term, do consider some of the options listed below and either explore them or send us a request for a specific quote. Yacht charter in the Mediterranean, transatlantic crossings or longer term boat hire in the Caribbean are some of the most popular sailing holidays on this planet. Start working towards those goals and let us get together to arrange your own private sailing vacation in the future.

Various Yacht Charter SAILING TIPS and SUGGESTIONS.