On a bareboat yacht charter you are the one fully responsible for the yacht and everyone else on board. Choosing a route and sailing from A-B is made according to you or in agreement with the rest of the crew.

On a skippered yacht charter the only difference is that you will hire a local, well experienced individual.  In this case, you are still chartering the yacht bareboat, but also getting a free-lance skipper for the duriation of the trip. The owner company will allocate and provide the skipper, usually on a last minute basis and depending on the size of the boat and required experience.  The skippers cost from around 80 - 350 Eur per day and you will also be responsible for providing all the provisions for the skipper.

Skippered yachtcharter is best option if you want to relax and enjoy yourself, rather then work around the boat and prepare it every time you wish to set sail.  Skippered yacht charter is also of advantage in case you wish to gain sufficient experience in an informal atmosphere, so that you can eventually charter a yacht bareboat yourself.