A2A Yachting - Yacht Charter Worldwide provides Crewed,  Skippered, bareboat and corporate yacht charter mainly on sailing and a small number of luxury crewed yachts and motor  boats. Yachts are available across Sweden, including Stockholm and Gothenburg archipelago's, and independent Aaland islands.

A2A Yachting offers around 40 sailing yachts, 3 motor boats and a smaller number of crewed sailing or luxury mega yachts for yacht charter in many yacht charter destinations in Norway.  One way charter, 10 day charter, cabin charter and long term special offers are available on a regular basis.  And you can also combine sailing and skiing holiday in one of these picturesque destinations too !!


About yacht charter in Sweden:

Baltic Sea as a whole is a very unique and diverse yacht charter location with regular season lasting from June - September.  The best time to explore the region is July 
or August when the water temperatures are warm enough for swimming.  Sweden is the most popular destination in Scandinavia.  Stockholm archipelago with its fabulous 24.000 islands is a must see destination with Northern part being vibrant and busy, while Southern part including Gotland being remote, isolated, unique.  One way charters to Aaland islands or even Finland are available on request.

Yacht charter destinations in Sweden are:
1. West Coast - Gothenburg and its archipelago
2. Stockholm archipelago (Malma Kvarn, Kaeppala / Lindongoe, Saltsjoebaden, Nykoeping
3. Independent Aaland Islands,