A2A Yachting offers around 15 sailing yachts, 4 catamarans, 5 motor boats and a small number of crewed sailing or luxury mega yachts for yacht charter in the US Virgin Islands. One way charter, 10 day charter, cabin charter and long term special offers are available on a regular basis.

US Virgin Islands

About yacht charter in the US Virgin Islands:
As is the case with the BVI's, US VI's are top favourite sailing destination for many.  The volcanic islands of the archipelago are close together, and for most of the time you will navigate by line-of-sight. The water is of a sparking turquoise colour and is always very clear. You can also see the bottom for most of the time. A small tidal variation of approximately 18" max is not of a concern for most of the time.  The rain is regular but occasional and it is always a welcoming site as it keeps these fabulous islands green. There is almost no commercial traffic in the area of USVI's.

In the US Virgin Islands additional  yacht charter destinations are:
1. One way charters to BVI's, 
2. One way charters to St Martin/St Maarten and/or
3. One way charters to or from Antigua. You can also start your cruise on any of the other islands in the archipelago although this may incur delivery charges. We usually arrange embarkation in the home port (bareboat charter) or in the bay next to the airport for crewed charters.